I write a lot about the things I feel like writing about. They needn't be anything that particularly fall within your beliefs or interests. Psychology, Sociology, and various aspects of politics interest me. Cyberpsychology is also an area of interest. In the end, this is simply about me connecting things together and forming conclusions. I love chatting, so comments and asks are always welcomed. :)



Real talk. When I first saw FF’s new pictures, I thought it was some mediocre cosplayer imitating/cosplaying Felice. Then after seeing the tattoos, I realized it was just FF’s new face no. xxxx .

 In other news, is anyone compiling and keeping track of the individuals who have yet to receive their items? Across all the blogs who are posting on this? If not, if you post the link of the posts concerning the unreceived items I’ll compile a list. 

Note: Remember only the first 5 tags on your posts are show up in the tags, therefore, make the first 5 count. Tags for people who may stumble upon the shop and purchase the items like the ‘crystals’ / ‘pastel goth’ tag, may help spread the word of the scam better. Because not everyone will be looking at deumos, ghostly chic etc tags for more information on whatever this new shop is called and the items it’s selling. So be aware of the targeted  niches. 


it’s pretty sick that lauren is trying to save her dwindling popularity by painting herself as a paragon of virtue and “defending” the child survivors of ian watkins. nobody’s forgotten your sick rape jokes concerning rolf harris, jack o’connell and rich’s stupid tattoo, cookie. stop acting like you really care about these children more than the “likes” you’re getting.

Thank you

For Anyone,

who forgot, wasn’t aware, or wasn’t around : 

Anonymous asked: From her new website: Felice Fawn is a "blogger specialising in self-portraiture." ROFLOMG HAHAHAHA it's like she's become a caricature of herself. She exists only as a joke. I love this.


' I specialize in taking pictures of myself ' 

Who seriously lists that as a skill, a specialization even? jfc

In case she edits: 

I take selfies, I guess I should start listing it on my CVs.

Thanks for the laughs !